Poland – Day 4 – Burnley to Hull

92 miles

Burnley to Hull

It’s funny, I was quite excited about this trip along the M62. I had not been to Hull since 1988 or so. I was there for there years from 1982 to 1985 at Hull University.

The plan was for me to meet up with Rob, MacBean, and Mark at the Hartshead Moor service station. It turns out I was only going to meet MacBean and Mark. Rob had to pull out at the last moment because of an issue with his mum.

Judith came up to mum’s house in the morning to hang out and chat. Mum went off to get her physio therapy treatment. I didn’t think I’d see her before I set off but she made it back in time.

Saying goodbye to mum being photobombed by the neighbor.

Meeting MacBean and Mark at the services was a no brained. I arrived about 5 minutes before them. What was crazy was how hot it was. It was in the high 80s and I had to go inside for a cool down.

The rest of the trip up the M62 was uneventful although my sat nav kept encouraging me to get off on the off-ramp and back on at the entrance on the others side.

Things have changed at the end of the motorway on to Anlaby road since I was there. The first was the road went under Humber bridge. Then then as we got into town, everything changed. Where the old New York Hotel (New York, New York when I worked there) there are brand new buildings. It does not look like the old dump it used to be.

Getting on the boat was easy for the most part. My challenge was the Rob wasn’t there and he was the lead passenger on the ferry. It took a little while to sort it all out but after a while I was on.

After showering and changing out our riding gear guess what it was time for.

Beer Thirty