Poland – Day 14 – Krakow to Nysa

166 miles

Kraków to Nysa

Nysa is a plain little town on the Czechia border with Poland. We ended up staying at a quaint, loosely termed, hostel close to the center of town. The place was probably built in the 1930s or so. It had expansive rooms that were stacked with antique furniture and one of the proprietors art works.

Villa Navigator

We learned at breakfast that there were four generations of women living there and running the place.

River and park

One thing that I noticed was that the town was staked with churches.

The Basilica
Stained glass in the Basilica

Some like the Basilica were in great shape. Services were going on inside when I stuck my head in. Others like the one below needed some love and attention. This place was closed up, if not derelict.

A power wash and paint needed.

The one below might look like the one above but it was completely different and only 500 meters away.

Night lights

I wanted to go and take pictures of the Basilica after dinner. We saw these domes and presumed that this was it. So we followed our noses and came upon it. It turns out we had gone in the opposite direction for the church. Getting back to the hotel proved a challenge. Apple Maps walking directions wanted us to walk through a four meter ditch and someone’s back yard.