Day 6 – Trevelin, Argentina to La Junta, Chile

January 6th

Distance – 204KM, 90% gravel

The clouds over the pass should have been a warning that the day would not be the clean sailing as we’d had to date.

Clouds over the Andes.

Just as we started to roll away, Rob realized he had a flat. Everyone had a job; Rob and Martyn levering the tyre back on; Simon delivering coffee.

Changing tyres.

MacBean hard at work keeping the front end off the ground.

A KTM unicycle

Off we went and hit the dirt. At our first stop we noticed a problem with George’s bike. The rear light was hanging off.

Field repairing a DR-Z rear light.

Martyn and Charlie fix the rear light while George rolls the cigarettes.

Duct tape fixes anything.

My wife would be proud. If it moves and shouldn’t use Duct Tape. If it doesn’t move and should use WD-40.

A view from a bridge.

We had to stop and see this view. Unfortunately, it was the precursor to our next problem. Rob’s bike would not restart.

Diagnosing a dead KTM

It turned out that the battery lead had fallen off and once reattached, everything was peachy.

Once we reached Chile, we reached the Carretera Austral, the Southern Highway. It has mainly sections of gravel interspersed with areas of pavement. The gravel is bring replaced in places by pavement and is being graded constantly, giving rise to uneven areas and ridges. George got a bit out of shape on one of these and had an off. Other than a bruised butt, ego, and bent shift lever, everything was okay. I had my own moments crossing the ridges.

Dirt devils

After a long day chasing everyone in the dirt, we turned up in La Junta pretty grimy.

Where is my dinner?

The Espacio Tiempo hotel had a friendly cat with its own table.


Cordials after another great day riding.