Day 3 – Santiago to Temuco to Pucon (Chile)

January 3rd


– Santiago to Temuco 680km as the crow flies.

– Temuco to Pucon 120km all paved.

Travel Time

– 4 hours to Temuco

– 90 minutes to Pucon

Easy flight out of Santiago down to Temuco. Odd seeing the mountains to the left and flying south. Beautiful volcano view from my window seat.

Chilean volcanoes

The teams dress sense wasn’t all up to snuff as we waited for luggage in Temuco.

Sartorial Simon

Now we are getting to why we are here, off to pick up the bikes. However, we are in for a rude awakening – Latin American time. As we arrived at the dealership, we found the place closed and bolted for lunch. A couple of phone calls and bollockings from Martyn in perfect Spanish with a Lanky accent got the manager back there sharpish.

All clean and pretty and only 1800 km on the clock.

Two hours later, after completing all the paperwork etc., we were off on our way to Pucon. It was a quick rip down a paved highway and a great intro to the 990’s feel.

Posing by the volcano.

Once, we had the lodging sorted off for a quick walk around town and off to dinner. Being in South America, it could only be one thing – steak.

Good looking rib-eye

Great outdoor dinner location.