Day 2 – Old buddies and “Chilaxin”

January 2nd

Distance – 0

Travel time – 0

Santiago, Chile

The genesis of this trip started about a year ago when MacBean called Martyn and asked him to set up the trip. Martyn and Mac became riding buddies over 30 years ago while in school. I’ve known Mac even longer. We met at Cub Scout camp. Mac and some buddies came out a couple of years ago and followed the Dakar with Martyn.

MacBean and I “studying”

Thirty years on, we look a bit different. Mac is still not in focus.

Martyn remembered my whining as a kid for rides on their bikes so he decided to ask me along. When I agreed to come along, thanks to my wonderful wife, he told me “Keep your gob shut and we’ll surprise Mac.”

I don’t have an early photo of Martyn but here he is today.

I’d arrived earlier than the lads from England, so I got to take a nap and hang by the pool. When they arrived, Mac was a little disappointed because he thought the “celebrity” guest might be Charlie Bormann and his first plan was to punch him. Fortunately, I’m bigger than Charlie and Mac likes me.

The rest of the day was given over to beer, barbecue, and getting over jet lag.

Rob – Manx GP rider, Simon – Mr BMW, Charlie – birthday boy

Martyn’s son, George is the seventh rider on the trip.


Here are a few pictures from the barbecue Martyn and his wife hosted.