Bol D’Or -Day 12 – Dieppe to Woking

89 miles/143 km

Dieppe to Woking

Today was our last day in France. We took the DFDS ferry from the port of Dieppe to Newhaven. From the hotel to the port looked to be about 2 kilometers straight across town. My satnav took us on a tour of Dieppe and we has to put in at least 10 clicks to get there but we did get petrol along the way.

Waiting to board

The one thing about getting a ferry is that you do a lot of waiting. Wait to go through ticket checks and passport control. Wait to get on the ferry. Wait for everyone else to get on the ferry.

Au Revoir

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in France. I’ve been there before but never with an air of seeing the country. It was always about getting somewhere as I hitchhiked or took Interrail. This was far more relaxed and interesting. The company I had was excellent. It would be great to come back and spend a little more time exploring a small area.

We all said our goodbyes on the car deck of the ship as we suited up and got the bikes started. Heading through border control, I was told that the main route was closed for an accident investigation and to either turn left or right.

Handing back the Duc

I chose left and headed off towards Brighton. I guess I was supposed to take an exit right about Brighton to get the A23 but I missed it but the satnav kept saying go straight ahead for x miles. I had reset it to use miles over KMs. The distance did not seem to be dropping down when finally I realize the satnavs was sending me to a round about to turn round and head back.

I finally got back on the right road and made it back to the Road Trip UK to drop of the bike. If you are looking for a rental, I can highly recommend them. They are a totally professional outfit and with some fantastic bikes. This Multistrada 1260S is one of them. It took me a bit to get physically comfortable. I could do with an inch or two more leg room. Once I had found my space, this was a great bike that goes like stink. Now, I need to go and try the V4 version.

Mileage In

I have not added up the mileage from day to day but apparently the whole trip was 2,175 miles/3,480 km. Mileage out – 16,490 miles. Mileage in – 18,224. Not a bad trip by half.

The Lawns, Chalfont St Giles

My good friend Simon Calver generously offered to host me for my last night. I haven’t seen him since 2019 in Japan for the Rugby World Cup. Uber got me from Woking to Chalfont avoiding a train into London and then back out again.


I haven’t seen Monty since he was three or four years old. He is now in his first year of secondary school and full of energy. He showed me his skills on a hover board. I was convinced he was going to crash many times but he had it under control ripping round the house and the garden.


Likewise, I have not seen Nieve in the same about of time. She was just a baby at that time. Now, she is a very thoughtful young lady about to turn 10.

The best part was watching mother hen Simon run around and try to organize the pair of them. They totally have him wrapped around their little fingers.