Alps ‘n’ Adriatic – Day 8 – July 15, 2017 – Medveja to Zadar

Oh, what a road

We took the coast road from Medveja to Zadar and it was amazing. When we got through Rejeka, we were a little worried that we had stumbled into the first weekend of holiday traffic. We were stuck in a miles long traffic jam. After a while, we did what the local bikers did and filtered along the white line until we got to the cause of the back up which was a huge motorcycle fire.

Once we got on the coast road proper, we were treated to an amazing road with turn after turn that hugged the coast line. The only spoilers were a few cars who tootled along and held everybody back until they could get past on the few straight aways.

Lunch was at a roadside cafe in a no-name town. For the third day in a row, I had seafood of one kind or another, an octopus salad. It was amazing how soft and delicious it was. Nothing like the rubber feel from octopus in the states.

Once we were set up at camp in Zadar, Martyn made the obligatory beer run and turned up with the original Budweiser. I guess Anheiser Busch InBev does not have the whole market any more.

We took a taxi into old town Zadar for dinner and crossed through the outer walls into the old city.

The buildings around the squares and churches were beautiful. They were a great mix of ancient and opulent early 1900s.

We found a place out on the wharf for dinner and were treated to an amazing sunset. We did not see this in Medveja as it was on a east facing cove.

After dinner, we strolled along the wharf and found an outdoor concert playing to a large crowd. It was a Johnny Cash cover band at the time sounded great. It is always good to sing along to songs you know and they did throw in a couple of 80s and 90s songs, not from Johnny. On reflection and listening to the short video clips we recorded, they probably were not all that great. Beer can make lots of things sound good.