Alps ‘n’ Adriatic – Day 7 – July 14, 2017 – Medveja to Opatija

Easy day in town

Today was a do nothing vacation day to soak up the Croatian sun and enjoy life. Martyn started the day industriously cleaning his radiator with his tooth brush. He did clean his teeth first. The good news is that it fixed the overheating issue he was having.

Martyn and I took a quick ride into town to refresh his toothbrush and find soap for me as I'd left it in Cortina. The pink rose petal soap is not really my thing but the best I could do.

While in town we found a great little restaurant for coffee and decided to bring Mac back for lunch. The scampi were excellent.

The waiter tried to persuade us we needed a bigger fish for the three of us. It was plenty and just like the shrimp, outstanding.

We spent the afternoon by the beach after I'd found some rubber beach shoes. Flips flops did not work in the water and the beach was impossible to walk along without footwear.

For dinner, we found a little shack at the end of the beach serving seafood, local specialties, and cheap beer. It was not until later that we realized it was a food truck in disguise