Alps ‘n’ Adriatic – Day 5 – July 12, 2017 – Calavse to Cortina D’Ampezzo

Even more hairpin turns Today, Martyn figured out a dirt road for us to try. Rob wasn’t up for it because of his hips so he decided to go around and meet us at the other end. Mac and I went along but decided we weren’t up for it when we saw it. Having already let my bike fall over twice I figured riding back and meeting Rob was the better part of valor. We did catch a few shots of Martyn running up the hill. It turns out when he got to the top it was a national park and riding was not really allowed.

We headed off for the town where we we were supposed to meet Rob but it didn’t exist. So we headed up the next pass and saw this fantastic view. However, the 1090 decided it once again that it didn’t like me. Getting on it, my pant leg caught the foot peg and because it was angled poorly, over it went. I may have bought these panniers.

We caught up with Rob in the next town and had a coffee together. Then it was off to the next pass and up to the Col Santa Lucia. What a blast, 29 linked hairpin turns to the top.

The ride into Cortina D’Amprezzo was easy and relaxed, providing us this view from our camping spot.

A busy camping spot with hard ground. Dinner was at the campsite restaurant where Rob began to hint that he might not make the rest of the trip because his hips were hurting too much.
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