Alps ‘n’ Adriatic – Day 10 – July 17, 2017 – Zadar to Bled

Lake Bled

The ride up to Bled was tough. The winds blowing across the highway were really strong and the wind socks on the bridges were all horizontal. It didn’t help that the highway climbed a considerable distance in a short space to get over the mountains into the interior. Even there, the wind did not seem to let up until we hit Slovenia.

The main reason for choosing Lake Bled as a destination was that it is a reasonable ride to the Grossglockner, one of the highest roads in Europe. Another is that MacBean has promised us blood red sparkling wine, a la method champenois. We had spotted Lake Bled camping on their website and it looked great. When we arrived they were fully booked but they sent us to Camping Picun in Lipcne just out of town. This gave me a chance to try the Garmin eTrex in full on mode. It got us to Lipcne without problems via backgrounds and villages. When we arrived there were a couple of other new arrivals by the site was empty. We got a prime spot in the corner.

Looking around the views were amazing until you realized there was a big steel works across the valley.

Also when you looked at the inviting lake down below, beckoning you for a swim, you determined that there really did not seem to be any life in or on the water. I figured it would be okay if we did not stir up any sediment. We did find some interesting neighbors over the fence.

The next problem was food. We had found the bar or at least made them open the bar so that was one problem solved. Then we were asked if we wanted to dinner the choices were barbecue or schnitzel. Martyn ordered the barbecue for us, I said I would have prefer the schnitzel until I saw what came. As surprising as it may seem, we could not finish this between us.

After dinner, we partook of the local Slovenian schnapps. Mac was reluctant until our host brought out black current schnapps. He the pointed out that this was for quote Die Damen

All in all it was another great day out riding. The other thing that happened was we finally got the camp radio sounding good.