Poland – Day 1 – Woking to Burnley

283 miles

Deja vu all over again

Woking to Burnley via Bury, Cambs.

This is starting to become a thing. As I did last year, I picked up the motorcycle at https://www.roadtrip.uk. I highly recommend them Iain and Keith are great and set you up well.

My next stop was supposed to be Bury, Cambs. Instead, I had to do a detour back to my hotel. In my rush to get out and meet my car service, I left my jacket behind. The hotel, the Sheraton Heathrow, were great and had the jacket waiting behind reception when I got there. Time lost – 10 minutes max.

My next stop was Bury, Cambs where my long time friend Harriet lives. Last year when I met her the weather was glum. This year it was beautiful the whole way.

Dually time.

Harriet made me a wonderful brunch of eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, avocado, and asparagus before sending me on my way to Burnley.

Eggs Benedict

The trip up to Burnley was a breeze. It was bright and sunny the whole way. Last year it rained on me and I got stuck in big traffic jams. What was funny, was that I stopped at petrol (gas) at exactly the same place I did last year. This year riding a BWM which everyone says gets better gas mileage than the Ducati I rode last year. Either the BWM’s petrol tank is smaller or the gas mileage is the same.

Broncos vs Jaguars – London 2022

Heathrow Airport International Arrivals

For the first time since I lived there, I flew back to London two times this year. This time with Lisa so we could watch the Denver Broncos play the Jacksonville Jaguars. It was a crazy weekend trip. We left on Friday afternoon and came back on Monday afternoon.

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Bol D’Or -Day 12 – Dieppe to Woking

89 miles/143 km

Dieppe to Woking

Today was our last day in France. We took the DFDS ferry from the port of Dieppe to Newhaven. From the hotel to the port looked to be about 2 kilometers straight across town. My satnav took us on a tour of Dieppe and we has to put in at least 10 clicks to get there but we did get petrol along the way.

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Bol D’Or – Day 11 – Beaune to Dieppe

644 km/403 miles

Beaune to Reims

From the capital of Burgundy to the capital of Champagne. With just one day of riding left and a lot of miles to cover to Dieppe, we chose a two step day. Part 1 of the ride was to put some miles in and cover ground. We may Soisson near Reims our target town and chose to use the toll roads to put some distance in. It was cold today. I started the day with an extra layer but it wasn’t enough. For some reason at our first stop, I didn’t think to put on another layer. Finally, at the second stop I did and life was much more bearable. At both stops we ran in to a couple of English guys who were heading back from the Bol like us riding sports bikes. I could not imagine doing that kind of distance leaning on my wrists and on a thin seat.

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Bol D’Or – Day 10 – Bandol to Beaune

510 km/318 miles

On the Peage

Today, the team split up. Rob, Biff, and MacBean were heading west towards Spain and the south west. Martyn, Mark, and I were heading north to get the ferry on Tuesday. Mark looked for a place that was close to the middle of our trip to Dieppe and picked Beaune. The capital of the Burgundy region.

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