Bol D’Or -Day 12 – Dieppe to Woking

89 miles/143 km

Dieppe to Woking

Today was our last day in France. We took the DFDS ferry from the port of Dieppe to Newhaven. From the hotel to the port looked to be about 2 kilometers straight across town. My satnav took us on a tour of Dieppe and we has to put in at least 10 clicks to get there but we did get petrol along the way.

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Bol D’Or – Day 2 – Friends and Family

Saturday was a friends and family day. It started with my sister, Judith, and her son, William, coming up to my mum’s house.

William is getting tall

William rides motorcycles and wanted to see the Ducati. He is getting quite tall and should have passed me the next time I see him.

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