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Poland – Day 3 – Around Town

26 miles

Running around the old town.

Monday was a pretty quiet day. Mum and I had breakfast together. She Made me bacon butties. In return, I got her technology sorted out, at least mostly.

I took the bike out for a quick run around looking at place I used to go. First stop was Worsthorne where I scoped out Water St, Church Sq, and Chapel street where I used to live.

From Worsthorne, I headed up to Hurstwood. I had forgotten how narrow the village lanes can be. Even on a motorcycle they feel very tight.

Briercliffe was next up. The lanes from Worsthorne to there are narrower. Even a lady in a Mini thought they needed to back up for me to get past.

My next stop was Edge End School where I spent five years getting my secondary mis-education. The beautiful old brick building no longer exists having been replaced by a religious elementary school. No separation of church and state here.

Edge End High School as I remember it.

From here I went down through the town and past Nelson and Colne College where I finished up my secondary education. The town was never great but these days it is quite rundown. It is amazing how many people you see walking around in full Islamic dress.

I ran up through Barrowford and past the old Colne grammar school where I did my “consol” year. In US terms, I was held back so that I could repeat a year and complete my o-levels.

At Colne, I turned around and went back through town to Nelson. This time I started noticing all mosques in town.

The Brierfield Mosque

I had a busy afternoon with mum sorting out her technology. She is now set up storing her documents in the cloud and sharing them across all her devices. We tried to get her a Bluetooth keyboard for her iPad but the was not successful.

For tea, we went to my Auntie Alice’s. She made me a cheese and onion (leek really) pie after I told her at dinner the day before that I liked them and no one does savory pies in America.

I finished up the day meeting Tim Frankland again with Michael Duerden. I had a great time reminiscing about how good we were when we all played rugby.

Forty odd years on and still not grown up