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Bol D’Or – Day 3 – Friends and Family

Sunday was another friends and family day. One of the people I wanted to see while I was home was my cousin Roy. He’s recently been receiving treatment for cancer but chemo and radio therapy. As a consequence, he has really been under the weather and was not feeling up to it.

Over the garden wall

My mum and dad moved into this house into this house close to forty years ago. It was a big deal from him as he’d never lived outside the village of Worsthorne for his whole life with the exception of when he was drafted into the RAF. Luckily, the view over the garden wall gave him a view in the village in the distance.

An old friend, Tim Franklin had seen I was in town and reached out to see if we could catch up. He picked me up with Mike Duerden to go and grab lunch. We all played rugby at Calder Vale many, many years ago. We went to the Ram at Cliveger and had a great time. Tim posted on Facebook after that his partner had just chastised him. She had pointed out that we did not get a photograph while we were together. The same could be said for me and Simon the night before

Mum’s hobby

Since Covid, Mum has taken up gardening and built out a number of raised beds. She plants all sorts of food – potatoes, carrots, beets, Brussels sprouts, peas, etc.

Every meal we had started with her harvesting something before cleaning and cooking it. It only took until her 70s but she’s become quite domesticated. As far as she is concerned, gardening is great but cooking still sucks.